Benefits of Metal Roofing for Your Home


Roofing not only protects your home from the elements, but it influences the appearance of the facade. That's why you need to consider your options from all angles when picking a material. To help you reach a decision, consider the following benefits of metal roofs. Lightweight The heaviness of roof cladding is probably not what springs to mind when you think about the possibilities. But covering such a large expanse, roofs can get heavy.

18 November 2020

Ways A Roof Replacement Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


You might be considering replacing your roof, anticipating how lustrous it will look and how the entire facade of your home will improve. While this will be the case, also bear in mind the practical benefits, such as the way a roof replacement can make your home more energy efficient. Read on to discover how this upgrade will help. Eliminate Holes In The Roof A roof replacement will eliminate any holes and gaps that might currently exist in your roof.

31 August 2020

Reasons To Undergo A Roof Replacement For Your Home


The texture and colour of your roof dramatically influence how your home looks — the cladding covers a large area and is highly visible. Your home's energy efficiency also depends on its qualities. Thus, when considering your roof's integrity and condition, you'll need to weigh up your decisions carefully. Here are several reasons to undergo a metal roof replacement for your home. Improve Your Home's Appearance Broken, faded, rusty or mould-covered tiles or metal gives a home a dilapidated, un-cared for appearance.

25 June 2020

What You Should Know About the Roof Repointing Process


When it comes to roof tiling installation, some form of adhesive material is required to allow for the installation of roof tiles. A mixture of high-strength cement, sand and some additives is usually used to make the adhesive that secures the tiles in place. This mixture is called the roof tile mortar.  If your older residential roof is made of roof tiles, one of the roof repairs that you may need to perform at some point in the future is repointing.

26 December 2019

Know When Your Commercial Roof Is Due for Professional Repairs


Burglars and dishonest employees aren't the only enemies of your business. Did you know that a damaged roofing system is also an enemy that hinders the growth of your business? That's why you should contact a roofing contractor to inspect the roof of your business building and find out if it's in good shape. People who call in professional roofers for regular checks fix the roof problems that develop before they aggravate.

7 November 2019

Roofing Tips Every New Homeowner Should Know Today


If you have just bought a new house or completed a roofing replacement project, you need to make sure that your roof is in excellent condition and that it's well-maintained. The shelter helps protect occupants from outdoor elements, ensures your belongings are waterproofed, and retains cold and heat in the house in summer and winter. You don't need to be an expert in roofing to understand some the fundamentals of a roofing system.

20 July 2019

Four Planning Guidelines for Asbestos Roof Replacement


If your old residential roof has asbestos-containing materials, you might need to plan for replacement. In general, the asbestos in roofs is not dangerous if the material is not disturbed. Unfortunately, this harmful mineral might not remain stable forever. Aging and external interference can cause the particles of the asbestos to come loose and cause contamination. Therefore, if you have this type of roof, replacement is your best option for long-term protection.

28 March 2019