Signs Your Metal Roofing Is Facing Impending Decline


Metal roofing supplies have remained a staple in residential construction for several reasons. Firstly, this type of roofing material is highly durable, thus providing you with long-term service. Secondly, metal roofing supplies come in a broad range of styles and designs, so you can be assured that your roofing will not appear bland or industrial. Nevertheless, the constant exposure to the elements will eventually cause your metal roofing to decline. Below are a few of the signs to be on the lookout for that would be indicative of metal roofing that is facing impending decline.

There are punctures in the roof

Holes and tears on your metal roofing will typically be caused by heavy traffic on your roofing. As such, it is not recommended for homeowners to get on their roof whether it is for cleaning or maintenance as they may end up damaging the surface of the roof. Instead, you should leave this to the professionals, as they would be better placed at carrying out this maintenance without causing damage to the roofing. It should also be noted that punctures could come about if the metal roofing were installed improperly. If the punctures are not addressed, you will end up developing leaks in your home, and these leaks would compromise the entire roofing structure.

There are blow-offs on the roof

Another cause for concern when it comes to your metal roof is the development of blow off in some areas. There are a few reasons why your roof may have blow-offs. Most commonly, parts of the roof will become blown off because they were not installed correctly. The incorrect installation could be due to poor attachment of the metal sheets, causing them to be loose. Improper installation can also be in the form of poorly attached flashing, leaving gaps in your roof that would make it susceptible to damage. Another reason why blow off may occur is if your roof has recently been exposed to severe weather. Some storms may be particularly strong that even the most durable metal roof is unable to withstand them.

There are separated seams in the roof

If your roof is exposed to erratic weather temperatures, it will expand and contract. The severity of the expansion and contraction can pose the risk of screws to become loose, which results in the seams separating. If you do not have these seams closed, the sub-layer of the roof become exposed to the elements, risking structural damage to the entire roofing system. It is prudent to hire a roofer to fix the seams before precipitation starts to accumulate under the roof.


1 May 2017

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