Should You Choose Clay or Concrete for Your Tile Roofs?


When it comes to choosing roofing materials for your home, you have to be extremely cautious. Not every type of roof will work for your budget, aesthetics, and even energy efficiency. Tile roofs are among the many roofing materials you will find in the markets. They're often preferred for their low-level maintenance, high energy efficiency due to their heavy thermal mass, long-lasting ability, and insusceptibility to rot, corrosion, or insect damage, among other benefits.

28 September 2018

Benefits of Pre-Engineered Trusses for Newbie Roofers


Pre-engineered trusses are preferred to traditional joist roof framing by most Australian roofers and truss specialists. If you are new in the roofing business and have been using the latter option for your roofing projects, then it is time to consider doing things differently. However, that might be a long shot if you do not know why pre-engineered trusses have become a major hit among Australian homeowners, as well as other roofers in the industry.

31 May 2018

Answering a Few Common Questions About Roofing Tiles


When your home needs a new roof, you don't want to put off having this work done, as a high-quality roof will help to insulate your home, keeping your utility bills low. It's also good to remember that the longer you put off getting a new roof, the higher the risk of potential water damage to your home's framework, so you would then need to have the roof rafters and joists repaired as well.

27 March 2018