Benefits of Pre-Engineered Trusses for Newbie Roofers


Pre-engineered trusses are preferred to traditional joist roof framing by most Australian roofers and truss specialists. If you are new in the roofing business and have been using the latter option for your roofing projects, then it is time to consider doing things differently. However, that might be a long shot if you do not know why pre-engineered trusses have become a major hit among Australian homeowners, as well as other roofers in the industry. This post looks at the various benefits you stand to gain by integrating pre-engineered roofing trusses in your future projects.

Span Greater Distances -- Nowadays, homeowners are building bigger houses than before, and it has meant bigger rooms and, consequently, more prominent roofs. Therefore, to meet roofing demands for such big homes, you need trusses that can span expansive lengths. However, it is not possible to cover long distances with traditional joist roof framing unless you employ extra support. Since most homeowners prefer to have fewer supporting beams inside their homes, conventional roofing methods will not appeal to them. With pre-engineered trusses, you do not have to worry about erecting intermediate supporting columns for the roof. It is because truss specialists use the latest design technologies to fabricate bigger and stronger trusses.

Less Expensive -- The cost of building a home has skyrocketed over the past few years, and if there is a way that homeowners can save a few hundred dollars, then they will take that chance. Since on-site traditional joist framing is an on-site undertaking, the possibilities of damages and wastages are quite high compared to prefabricated trusses, which lead to higher roofing costs on your part. Since fabrication of pre-engineered trusses is automated at the factory, the chances of a roofer making costly mistakes during assembly are significantly reduced. As a roofer, you will relieve yourself of unnecessary costs.

Ease of Remodeling -- Part of interior home remodelling involves pulling down interior walls. Other than being expensive to homeowners, such projects can be dangerous undertakings to roofers especially if the walls in question are load bearing. Since pre-engineered trusses shift a roof's load to the exterior walls, they facilitate remodelling much better than traditional roofing methods such as joist framing.

Time-Saving -- When making roof trusses on site, the amount of time taken to complete the project is usually long since all the work (measurement, cutting, sizing, etc.) is done by the roofing expert on site. With pre-engineered trusses, the process is automated and standardised. Therefore, a roofer can focus solely on assembly and installation, which saves time.


31 May 2018

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