Looking for Roofing Solutions for Your Home? 3 Reasons to Consider Metal Roofing


Besides being your home's first line of defence against rain, snow, and other elements, a roof plays an essential role in how aesthetically appealing your home will be. For this reason, investing in a roof that will give you the highest value for your money will be your major concern. There's no shortage of roofing solutions in the markets in terms of material and even colour. However, many homeowners tend to prefer metal roofing solutions for a variety of reasons. Here are some of these reasons.

Extreme Durability

One of the top reasons you should consider metal roofing solutions for your home is that they generally have a longer service life than other roofing solutions such as asphalt or timber. Part of the reason that makes metal roofs extremely durable is that they are less susceptible to damage by winds, rains, extreme sunlight, and other elements. For instance, timber roofs may not hold up so well in rainy areas. Asphalt roofs may also falter in extreme or inclement weather conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Roofs also affect the energy efficiency in your home. If you live in a hot region, you will find metal roofs extremely valuable in terms of energy efficiency. This is because metal roofs will reflect away much of the light or heat from the sun. This will help keep your home cooler. With this energy efficiency property, your air conditioning unit won't have to work as hard to attain the levels of temperature you want in your home and this means your energy bills won't be too high.


Before choosing a roofing solution, you have to consider the weight of the materials. This is important because an extremely heavy roofing can strain the supporting structure and you may have to replace the roof with time or find a way to make the support structure stronger. In addition, building regulations in many areas will define the maximum amount of weight a roof should have. Metal roofs are lighter than most other roofing materials, particularly asphalt. Lighter materials usually pay off in terms of handling during transportation as well as installation. If you were planning to install your roof over an already existing one, you have better chances of doing so with a metal roof because of the less risk of having to deal with weight issues later.

Aluminium and steel are the major metal roofing solutions you will find. If you want to gain the full advantage of the lightweight property of metal roofs, aluminium is the ideal choice. Aluminium roofs are also more energy efficient because they tend to reflect heat or light better than their steel counterparts. Steel on the other hand is usually stronger but you need to choose stainless steel to prevent against corrosion.


8 May 2017

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