Does Your Home Need Roof Repairs?


Never put off needed roof repairs for your home, as the roof keeps the home protected from the elements and provides added insulation from outside heat and cold; the roof also provides structural support for the home's framework. Problems that require minor repairs can also soon turn into major damage that is very costly to fix, or the damage may become so widespread that you will need a new roof altogether! Note a few signs of needed roof repair so you can know when to have your home's roof inspected, and so you can avoid needing a complete roof replacement.

Protrusions from the roof

Every residential roof will have some protrusions or things that come out of the roof or sit up against it. This may include the chimney, vents, pipes, skylights, and the like. If the roofing material around these protrusions is peeled, cracked, or pulling away, this often means that the flashing or roofing paper under the asphalt tiles is getting dry and brittle or that the tiles themselves have dried up and are shrinking or cracking. In turn, they may need repair or replacement. The roofing material pulling away from the protrusions itself can also be dangerous, as this can open up gaps and allow for leaks around the chimney, vents and other such materials.

No water from the downspouts

During a rainstorm, you should see at least some water coming out of the downspouts; if not, check if there is water coming straight down the sides of the home. This usually means that the home needs new gutters. However, if you don't see any water running down the sides of the home or out of the downspouts, this may mean that rainwater is simply leaking through the roof. Check for missing tiles or torn flashing that is allowing rainwater to drip into the attic or crawlspace of the home when it rains.

Settling of the home

The roof provides structural support for the home's framework, so when roof joists and beams get damaged and soft, the home may start to settle and shift. In turn, cracks may form along the walls and ceiling, or you may hear creaking, groaning, squeaking and other sounds coming from the walls and roof itself. Doors and windows may also start to stick or may not open and close smoothly. These are all signs of a settling home, which can be caused by leaks in the roof and subsequent water damage that softens the home's building material and framework.


17 May 2017

Replacing Roofing: A Blog

Hey! Welcome to my blog. My name is Walter and I live in Alice Springs, Australia. Last year, I woke up in a state of shock. The roof of my home had collapsed. I walked out into what use to be my living room only to discover a complete disaster zone. There were bits of slate and wood everywhere. Thankfully, no one in my family was injured. I called in a local roofing company and I worked with them to replace the roof. I learnt a lot about roofing during that week so I decided to start a new blog.