Warning Signs of A Compromised Gutter Systems


Your roof's gutters function as your first line of defence against unnecessary water damage to your structure. The gutters are designed to redirect precipitation away from your residence, ensuring that your roof, exterior walls, and foundation stay in pristine condition for longer. Nevertheless, since gutters tend to be long lasting, some homeowners may not even know if their systems are past their shelf life. It would, therefore, be essential to know how to spot the signs of decline so that you can have the repairs or replacements done as need be. So what are some of the warning signs of compromised gutter systems?

Separated gutter seams

The seams of your gutters refer to the areas that the various sections adhere together. Over time, the volume of water passing through the gutters, particularly during rainy seasons, can cause the seams to separate. Signs of separation should be addressed post haste, as this will mean water will have a chance to leak out of the gutters. Nonetheless, seam repairs would not be a sufficient solution of your gutters are old. Aged gutters will have weakened materials, making them more susceptible to coming apart. Therefore, sealing the seams would only provide you with a temporary repair. In this instance, you would be better off investing in new gutters altogether.

Paint peeling from your gutters

Since peeling paint is a common occurrence for structures used in exterior applications, not many people would be concerned about this on their gutters. The constant exposure to the sun will cause the paint pigment to fade too, and this would make your gutters to lose their appeal. However, fading and peeling paint is not only an aesthetic concern. What some people do not realise is that gutters are finished with baked enamel. Therefore, although this coating may fade with UV exposure, it is not supposed to peel. When the baked enamel starts to chip, your gutters become susceptible to damage such as chips, gaps and holes, which would eventually lead to leaks.

Mould is forming on your exterior walls

As long as you provide a moist environment, mould and mildew will thrive. Thus, if you start to notice signs of discolouration on your walls, chances are there is water ingress happening. If the mould is left unchecked, it could end make is way into your home and pose a serious health risk to all inhabitants. It would be important to have your gutters inspected or undetected leaks and remedied promptly.

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17 June 2017

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