Are Your Actions Putting Your Roof At Risk?


Some of the causes of roof repairs, re-roofing and replacement can be unavoidable on your part. For instance, severe inclement weather, tornadoes and other natural calamities could wreak havoc to your roofing structure and lead to several damages. However, some homeowners may be causing damage to their roof, whether through neglect or even with the best intentions. Here are some of the things that homeowners may do that would put their structure at risk.

Cleaning and maintenance through pressure washing

Some homeowners may be aware of the importance of keeping their roof free of debris. For instance, when moss or algae start to develop on the roof, the shingles become at risk of deterioration due to the excessive exposure to moisture. Additionally, debris such as leaves, twigs and other forms of organic materials can also increase the likelihood of water pooling on your roofing and increase the chance of leaks springing up. Thus, it is recommended to have your roof professionally cleaned from time to time. Nevertheless, some individuals may assume that opting to undertake this cleaning on their own using a pressure washer would be a cheaper alternative. What they are not bearing in mind is the intense jets of water could end up stripping your roof of its protective layer, making your structure susceptible to premature degradation. Therefore, it is always best to let professional roofers handle the cleaning for you.

Neglecting overhanging tree limbs

Another often-overlooked damage to roofing is trees. A stray limb brushing against your residence may seem innocuous, but the truth is it can pose the potential for significant property damage in the future. To begin with, when tree limbs start to brush against your room, they cause friction that will steadily erode the surface of your shingles. Left unchecked, you will find your roof has developed bare patches that would put it at risk of water damage. Secondly, overhanging tree limbs have the propensity of breaking off, particularly if they are exposed to heavy rainfall and high winds. When the branches break off, they can cause structural damage to your roof by breaking the tiles. Thus, it is vital to ensure that tree limbs are kept from making contact with your roofing.

Lifting shingles to inspect for leaks

Undetected leaks in your roof can be detrimental to your entire structure. If not established, the water damage they cause may lead to complete re-roofing. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should take it upon yourself to inspect for these leaks. By lifting off the shingles, you invariably do more harm to your structure. It is advisable to hire a roofer who would have the appropriate techniques and equipment to search for these leaks for you.


20 October 2017

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Hey! Welcome to my blog. My name is Walter and I live in Alice Springs, Australia. Last year, I woke up in a state of shock. The roof of my home had collapsed. I walked out into what use to be my living room only to discover a complete disaster zone. There were bits of slate and wood everywhere. Thankfully, no one in my family was injured. I called in a local roofing company and I worked with them to replace the roof. I learnt a lot about roofing during that week so I decided to start a new blog.