Know When Your Commercial Roof Is Due for Professional Repairs


Burglars and dishonest employees aren't the only enemies of your business. Did you know that a damaged roofing system is also an enemy that hinders the growth of your business? That's why you should contact a roofing contractor to inspect the roof of your business building and find out if it's in good shape. People who call in professional roofers for regular checks fix the roof problems that develop before they aggravate. However, you must know when your roof needs professional repairs to make it efficient once again. Here are warning signs you should repair your roof:

A Roof Surface With Blisters and Cracks

Do you find cracks and blisters on your commercial roofing? It's a signal that you need roof repair. More pressure is exerted on the flat roofs, and that's why they are more prone to cracks and blisters on their surface. Cracks expose your roof to precipitation and compromise the structure of your roof. Moisture buildup and poor ventilation cause blistering on the roofing system. Blisters are those raised areas on the roof, and they resemble bubbles. Moisture or air gets trapped inside the raised areas, and they grow larger and worsen if you don't treat them in good time. Call in a proficient roofer to repair the cracks and blisters on your roof before they lead to an expensive roof replacement.

Water Ponds and Roof Leaks

Most roofs are susceptible to roof problems during the rainy and cold seasons. A well-maintained roof should drain the rainwater efficiently. Water ponds form on the roof when the roofing system fails to drain the water away. Water accumulation is common after bad weather, and this is a common problem for commercial buildings with a flat roof. Roof leaks occur around the roof's exterior edges or near the flashings. A roof system gets exposed when the flashing are damaged or poorly installed, allowing moisture and water to seep in. Water penetrates through the drains and pipes of your roof, and that's why a roofer should inspect them and make them watertight to prevent leaks.

Damaged Roof Flashing

Most industrial and commercial buildings have flat roofing systems, and that's why their flashing gets damaged quickly. Inspect your roof flashings­­­ — those metal strips running along the roof edges — regularly to maintain them in good condition. The metal strips or roof flashing keep your roofing materials secure and keep water and debris off your roofing system. Contact a roofer to repair your roof if the flashing is damaged, bent out of shape or rusted.

The bad smell from your roof indicates that a roofer needs to inspect your ceiling and roof for mould growth. Roofers spot damage signs early and fix them before they cause the need for expensive roof repairs or replacement. A good roofer surveys your roof to know the repairs needed to make the roof more functional and extend its lifespan.


7 November 2019

Replacing Roofing: A Blog

Hey! Welcome to my blog. My name is Walter and I live in Alice Springs, Australia. Last year, I woke up in a state of shock. The roof of my home had collapsed. I walked out into what use to be my living room only to discover a complete disaster zone. There were bits of slate and wood everywhere. Thankfully, no one in my family was injured. I called in a local roofing company and I worked with them to replace the roof. I learnt a lot about roofing during that week so I decided to start a new blog.