What You Should Know About the Roof Repointing Process


When it comes to roof tiling installation, some form of adhesive material is required to allow for the installation of roof tiles. A mixture of high-strength cement, sand and some additives is usually used to make the adhesive that secures the tiles in place. This mixture is called the roof tile mortar. 

If your older residential roof is made of roof tiles, one of the roof repairs that you may need to perform at some point in the future is repointing. Roof repointing is the process of fixing damaged mortar in roof tiling. 

There are several reasons why roof repointing should be left to the specialists. When a roof repointing specialist does repointing, you should expect the following:

Roof Inspection

In order to establish the extent of repair work to be performed on your roof, a repointing expert will have to inspect your entire roof thoroughly. They will start by carrying out a visual inspection of your roof to check for obvious signs of damage. This can be achieved by simply walking on your roof while checking for cracked, broken or loose tiles.

If few or no signs of damage are found, the roofer may resort to inspecting your tiles individually, using a probe to spot areas with loose mortar. This may take longer, but the results of the inspection are usually more accurate. 

It is best to avoid inspecting your roof yourself because there are inherent dangers associated with the job. Aside from the risk of falling off from your rooftop, you can cause further damage to your roof.

Roof Preparation

Once the damaged areas of your roof have been identified, the repointing specialist will remove the tiles as well as the old bedding. They will then thoroughly clean the cavity to allow for the proper bonding of the new bedding material to the roof of your house. Once the bedding material has been applied, the tiles will be placed back in position.

Roof Repointing 

This is the final step of the job. It involves applying an extra layer of adhesive material to the roof and tile to form a tighter seal. This helps with providing extra protection against water and moisture, which can infiltrate your roof interior and cause costly damage to your roof and the rest of your home.

Do you think your roof needs repointing? Talk with a roof repointing professional to know the way forward. 


26 December 2019

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