Ways A Roof Replacement Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


You might be considering replacing your roof, anticipating how lustrous it will look and how the entire facade of your home will improve. While this will be the case, also bear in mind the practical benefits, such as the way a roof replacement can make your home more energy efficient. Read on to discover how this upgrade will help.

Eliminate Holes In The Roof

A roof replacement will eliminate any holes and gaps that might currently exist in your roof. Such openings allow outside air into the roof cavity. Then, only the ceiling plaster is protecting rooms from the weather. On a cold day, for instance, chilly air will invade the roof cavity and from there quickly pass through the ceiling — which is not meant to insulate — to the rooms below. In hot weather, the warmth will fill up the roof cavity if the cladding has holes. By replacing your roof, you can be sure of whole and sound roofing that insulates your home and blocks external air from getting inside. It will be more difficult for outside temperatures to disturb you while you're inside. Additionally, you'll save on both cooling and heating.

Reflect The Sun

A roof replacement can enhance your home's energy efficiency in other ways. For instance, you can elect to cover the new roofing with a reflective film that bounces the sun's heat away. Therefore, during summer, less radiation will pass through to your home. As a result, you'll enjoy a cooler home, and you'll pare back on your air conditioning use.

Enable You To Add Insulation

Having your roof replaced provides the ideal opportunity to install modern, efficient insulation which can only go in once the roofing is off. A blanket of insulation will provide an additional barrier against external conditions, so indoor temperatures won't be so reactive to changing weather. Your home will be better sealed so you can use heaters and air conditioners more effectively, without their effects escaping upwards.

Thus a roof replacement not only beautifies your home, but also makes it more energy efficient. You can be sure that there are no wasteful holes that let the outside temperature easily infiltrate, jacking up your energy costs and lowering your comfort levels. You can cover the cladding in a reflective layer to repel solar heat. Additionally, you can take the opportunity to add a new blanket of insulation which will make the replacement process even more efficient and worthwhile.


31 August 2020

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