Top Signs You Need to Have Wall Frames Built in Your Existing Home


When your home was first constructed, wall frames were probably built as a part of the construction process. Whether you were the one who had the home built or if you purchased a pre-constructed home, you might have never had to worry about things like wall frame construction. Now, though, it might be time to have wall frame construction done in your existing home. You can have this done with the help of a good contractor. These are a few signs that this type of work might need to be done to your home sometime soon.

Your Existing Wall Frames Are Damaged

There is a chance that some of your existing wall frames are damaged. This can happen for a few reasons. If you have an older home, for example, there is a chance that your wall frames are rotting. If you have had to deal with carpenter ants or termites, then there is a good chance that your wall frames have been damaged because of those pests. If your home has flooded, then your wall frames might have been damaged because of the moisture; this might have led to mould or mildew growth, or it might have caused premature wood rot.

If your home has damaged wall frames, then you should take the problem seriously. After all, your home's structural integrity might be at risk. The sooner that you have damaged existing wall frames removed and replaced, the sooner that you can save your home from additional damage. You can help ensure that your family is not at risk of your walls collapsing and can help increase or preserve the value of your home, too.

You're Changing the Floor Plan of Your Home

Another situation in which you might need to have wall frames built in your existing home is if you are in the process of changing the floor plan in your home. If you have an open kitchen and dining room set-up, for example, you might be interested in adding a wall that separates the two. Before you can do this, of course, you will need to have the proper framing in place. Luckily, a professional who builds wall frames can help you out; just talk to them about the layout that you have in mind, and they can let you know where wall frames need to go and can handle their installation for you. Additionally, if you are actually adding on to the square footage of your home, a professional who installs wall frames can assist with adding framing for new walls, too.


26 April 2021

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