Does Your Roofing Need Emergency Repairs? 3 Instances to Call an Emergency Roofer


One of the most critical structures in your house is the roof. The roof protects you and your loved ones from harsh outdoor elements and makes your home comfortable. So, when the roof is not in good condition, your quality of life is affected.

However, most homeowners are not keen on checking their roof's condition until they experience serious issues such as water damage. Therefore, it is advisable to understand when your roof is due for repair to avoid extensive damage. Read on to find out when you will need the services of an emergency roofer.

1. The Shingles Are Curled or Uneven

Your guests first see the roof shingles when they step into your property. Uneven shingles that are curling to the side or upwards can decrease the outdoor aesthetics of your home. Therefore, you must ensure that your shingles are in good condition to maintain your home's outdoor beauty.

It is also vital to note that shingles should lie on top of each other to allow the free flow of water. For this reason, any changes in the shingle's design or position can create a space for water to seep into the roof. Additionally, shifting of the shingles can cause the underlying layer to move, leaving the deck of your roof exposed. In that case, you should call an emergency roofer when you notice any curling or uneven shingles to prevent water damage in the roof and attic.

2. The Roof Is Constantly Leaking

There is nothing good about a leaking roof. When you find leaks after a heavy downpour, your roof is likely deteriorating. If the leak stops after some time, you should still have a contractor come out as soon as possible. However, if the leak keeps recurring, you should not ignore it. The best solution is to hire emergency roofing experts to inspect the roof and determine the best remedy. If the roof is damaged beyond repair, a replacement might be necessary, but only an experienced roofer can give the proper diagnosis.

3. You Notice Weird Noises in the Attic

One uncommon sign that you need emergency repairs on your roof is when you begin hearing scurrying noises behind the attic or walls. Such noises are usually produced by birds and other pests that can access your house through a hole in the roof. You may also find chew marks, nests, and holes on your roof when you do a visual inspection. If you don't take care of the roof damage quickly, these pests will keep coming back and cause further damage to your house.

Taking care of your roof is important in ensuring maximum comfort in your home. Therefore, you should call an emergency roofer for immediate roof repairs if you notice any of the signs above.


22 July 2021

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