Four Planning Guidelines for Asbestos Roof Replacement


If your old residential roof has asbestos-containing materials, you might need to plan for replacement. In general, the asbestos in roofs is not dangerous if the material is not disturbed. Unfortunately, this harmful mineral might not remain stable forever. Aging and external interference can cause the particles of the asbestos to come loose and cause contamination. Therefore, if you have this type of roof, replacement is your best option for long-term protection.

28 March 2019

Should You Choose Clay or Concrete for Your Tile Roofs?


When it comes to choosing roofing materials for your home, you have to be extremely cautious. Not every type of roof will work for your budget, aesthetics, and even energy efficiency. Tile roofs are among the many roofing materials you will find in the markets. They're often preferred for their low-level maintenance, high energy efficiency due to their heavy thermal mass, long-lasting ability, and insusceptibility to rot, corrosion, or insect damage, among other benefits.

28 September 2018

Benefits of Pre-Engineered Trusses for Newbie Roofers


Pre-engineered trusses are preferred to traditional joist roof framing by most Australian roofers and truss specialists. If you are new in the roofing business and have been using the latter option for your roofing projects, then it is time to consider doing things differently. However, that might be a long shot if you do not know why pre-engineered trusses have become a major hit among Australian homeowners, as well as other roofers in the industry.

31 May 2018

Answering a Few Common Questions About Roofing Tiles


When your home needs a new roof, you don't want to put off having this work done, as a high-quality roof will help to insulate your home, keeping your utility bills low. It's also good to remember that the longer you put off getting a new roof, the higher the risk of potential water damage to your home's framework, so you would then need to have the roof rafters and joists repaired as well.

27 March 2018

How to Conduct Tile Roof Repairs for Your Home


Roof repair is the process of restoring various components of the roof to a functional condition after damage. A leaky roof can be quite annoying, especially during the rainy season. In spite of their durable nature, roof tiles are also known to break. The tile roof repair process can become quite challenging, especially if you are new to it. When looking to conduct roof tiling repairs, there are certain things you need to be aware of.

20 October 2017

Are Your Actions Putting Your Roof At Risk?


Some of the causes of roof repairs, re-roofing and replacement can be unavoidable on your part. For instance, severe inclement weather, tornadoes and other natural calamities could wreak havoc to your roofing structure and lead to several damages. However, some homeowners may be causing damage to their roof, whether through neglect or even with the best intentions. Here are some of the things that homeowners may do that would put their structure at risk.

20 October 2017

Common Misconceptions About Reroofing Your Home


The term reroofing usually refers to any type of roofing work or maintenance done on your home, from replacing a few missing shingles to having an entirely new roof installed. Since your home's roof is very important for its insulation and protection, you want to ensure you know what's involved with reroofing. Note a few common misconceptions about this work, and then discuss this work with a roofer as needed, to ensure your home is always protected from the elements and has a strong, secure roof.

28 June 2017

Warning Signs of A Compromised Gutter Systems


Your roof's gutters function as your first line of defence against unnecessary water damage to your structure. The gutters are designed to redirect precipitation away from your residence, ensuring that your roof, exterior walls, and foundation stay in pristine condition for longer. Nevertheless, since gutters tend to be long lasting, some homeowners may not even know if their systems are past their shelf life. It would, therefore, be essential to know how to spot the signs of decline so that you can have the repairs or replacements done as need be.

17 June 2017

4 Reasons to Consider Building a Timber Frame Home


There are many advantages to constructing a timber frame home when considering your home plan. Structurally speaking, there isn't a system that is absolutely better than all the rest; it's a matter of considering your pros and cons as well as your aesthetic desires and budget. There are also other factors, such as site/soil constraints and location. This article offers some benefits of timber frame homes (professionally-built) over the conventional block/brick home.

19 May 2017

Does Your Home Need Roof Repairs?


Never put off needed roof repairs for your home, as the roof keeps the home protected from the elements and provides added insulation from outside heat and cold; the roof also provides structural support for the home's framework. Problems that require minor repairs can also soon turn into major damage that is very costly to fix, or the damage may become so widespread that you will need a new roof altogether!

17 May 2017